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  As an comedic actor and a fan of British Comedy, I have 
noticed that (not counting Red Dwarf) it is very hard to 
find collections of British Comedy scripts on the Internet.  
Hence, the reason this site was built.  To provide for 
all your British Comedy needs in one convenient place. 

This site is continually under Construction, since I am
having to transcribe a lot of the scripts myself and am
continually improving the site. It was last updated on
March 24, 2000.

Suggestions for things you might want to see here are highly
welcomed, providing they meet the Ten Commandments listed

1)Thou shalt not request things that are not British. 2)Thou shalt not request things that are not Funny. 3)Thou shalt not enforce the balk rule. 4)Thou shalt not request any Monty Python skits. (I love Monty Python, but there are many, many Python Sites out there already) 5)No Pooftas 6)There is no Commandment Six. 7)No Pooftas 8)Thou shalt not honor thy neighbors ass... or is that covet? 9)Thou shalt not mention the Dead Parrot. 10)No Pooftas

Each of these links shall take you to a new and mystical world. Well, maybe not. But they will take you someplace else.

The Young Ones

The Legendary Cult Comedy

The Black Adder

British History Will Never Be the Same!

Red Dwarf

Smeggin' Hillarious Show!

Rowan Atkinson: Live

Short One Man Shows By A Master


11/18/99- Moved to Our New, Faster Location.
6/1/99- Added Scripts to Rowan Atkinson: LIVE page.
5/21/99- Added Red Dwarf VIII Section
5/20/99- Completed Young Ones Section
5/19/99- Added to Edina and Patsy's Fantastic Webring

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DISCLAIMER: The words contained herein are copyrighted materials, and are the creative work and intellectual property of some people who are a lot more talented than me and, more importantly, have a bunch of fancy, expensive REAL lawyers who don't advertise on television at three in the morning promising to get you "a big fat check". These words and images are intended to be used only for the amusement of yourself and your friends, the befuddlement of your enemies and increase of your sexual stamina

You can freely distribute them, as long as you give credit to the persons who transcribed it. These scripts can be safely performed at any drama class, talent show, wedding, college variety show and any place else so long as you aren't making any money off of it. If you are making money off of it, you can still use them. Just make damn well sure the BBC doesn't find out.

*DISCLAMIER TO THE DISCLAMIER: This is a joke. These scripts will not increase your sex drive in any way, unless you read the Red Dwarf scripts and endeavor NOT to act like Rimmer in any way. But even then, we don't guarantee anything. Also, we're just joking about making sure the BBC doesn't find out that you are making money off of these scripts. And of course it goes without saying that me, the poor bastard running this site isn't making any money off of it. Far from it. So please don't sue me as I am a poor University student with not enough to be worth suing.